WGLM FM Coverage Map

There are many ways to enjoy WGLM. 106.3 covers a huge area and we love having you tune-in "over the air".

For listening on devices with specific common players, we've provided downloadable links that will connect you with our WGLM live stream!

The top row is the "HQ" stream and provides the best sound. For satellite, phone, and slower connections or capped data plans, please consider using the lower row of "bandwidth saver" options.

If you're attempting to connect from work or some public locations, and cannot seem to make the connection, or the player "times-out...please try using the "firewall" links on the far right of our player list. Same as noted to the left, the top row is the higher quality stream, the lower one is our "bandwidth saver" stream.

Q) Will I go over my cell phone bandwith limit using your app?

A) Well, that depends, but I doubt it. Let us give you some examples:

- If you have an average drive time of 20 minutes to work, and 20 minutes to get back home, and work Monday thru Friday, you could listen to our WGLM app, and use aproximately 46.9 Meg (that's .0469 Gig) every month!

- If you have Verizon's currently lowest data package of 300 Meg per month, you can listen to WGLM's App about 12.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, before you hit your limit!

- If a person works 40 hours per week, and sleeps 8 hours per night, they can listen to WGLM's App every second of every day they are not working or sleeping and only use about 1.5 Gig of their bandwith limit.

- If you have Verizons prepay $80, with a data cap of 2 Gig per month, you can listen aproximately 117 hours of WGLM per month!


Remember when clicking on the links below:

  • The top row provides the best sound.
  • The bottom row is for slower connections or capped data plans.