History of Easter

The precise origins of this day’s name are not completely known. A few sources assert the word Easter is derived from Eostre, a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility. Different records follow Easter to the Latin expression hebdomada alba, or white week, an old reference to Easter week and the white apparel wore by individuals who were purified […]

The History Of Greenville Michigan

The history of Greenville Michigan starts with its founder, John Green, who settled in the southwest section of Montcalm County back in June of 1844. John, his wife Debra, and their 4 children were natives of New York State.  John Green constructed a  dam along with a sawmill right on the Flat River that is credited for […]

Paczki Day 2016

Fat Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 is Paczki Day. If you’ve never seen this word before it can look a little scary to pronounce and you’ll most likely mispronounce it anyway. Emigrates of Poland pronounce them as “Pooch-key” or “Punch-key”, or even “Poonch-key”. Paczki’s are round, fruit filled, sugar coated Polish pastries that were once served […]

national wear red day 2016

National Wear Red Day 2016

The 5th of February is the day that the American Heart Association asks that every person have on red colored clothing to boost awareness with regard to heart disease in women. GO RED day was created in 2004 to promote healthier lives for ladies coming from all ages. Currently 1 in 3 women are affected by heart problems in the US and close to 44 million […]


Turk Lake Polar Plunge 2016

Winter can seem to drag by for some people unless you keep yourself  active. There are plenty of winter sports and activities to get involved in locally. If you’re not one for snowmobiling, ice fishing, sledding, or making snowmen why not try your luck by jumping into a giant hole in the ice? I know what […]

Swarm of Honeybees Trap Deputy on Oklahoma Interstate

Swarm of Honeybees Trap Deputy on Oklahoma Interstate

A semi truck carrying honeybees overturned on an Oklahoma interstate and, in turn, trapped a sheriff’s deputy. Thousands of angry, swarming honeybees blanketed his cruiser. Luckily, the deputy was only stung once and managed to escape the crazy swarm. While he was trapped in his cruiser he recorded the whole scene. NBC station KFOR of […]

Liquid Water Exists on Mars

Liquid Water Exists on Mars

For those of you who believe that the truth is out there, you may be one step closer to the truth now that NASA has confirmed that liquid water exists on Mars. Potentially life-giving water still flows across the ancient surface of Mars from time to time, NASA scientists said Monday in revealing a potential […]

disney star dean jones dies

Disney Star Dean Jones Dies

The classic Disney star Dean Jones, best known for his starring role in Disney’s The Love Bug and That Darned Cat!, has died at the age of 84. He passed away due to complications related to Parkinson’s disease in Los Angeles. Dean Jones has appeared in 46 films, including 10 for Disney and he appeared […]