4 armed robot plays the drums

4 Armed Robot Playing The Drums

The world of robotics continues to surprise us. Have you ever seen a 4 armed robot playing the drums? The video below shows this robot with a mohawk keeping a pretty good beat. It even looks as though the robots feet are operating pedals. It’s even programmed to nod it’s head. With the way technology […]

Principal of Baldwin Heights sings What Does The Fox Say

Principal of Baldwin Heights sings What Does The Fox Say

As a reward for box tops the students challenged their principal to sing this song. Instead of just singing it he decided to take it one step further. Mr. Walsh, the principal of Baldwin Heights Elementary School in Greenville, put this video together (with the help of an editor, director, and producer) and it has […]

Weird Al Yankovic Sings Another One Rides the Bus

Weird Al Yankovic Sings Another One Rides the Bus

“Weird Al” Yankovic has been singing parodies since 1976. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your day then just listen to some Weird Al! “We were pretty much scared out of our minds. I was straight out of college, and all of a sudden they were flying me out to New York to […]

Roger Waters The Wall Schedules DVD-Blu-ray Release

‘Roger Waters The Wall’ Schedules DVD/Blu-ray Release

According to a press release, Dec. 1 has been scheduled as the release date for the home version of the film, which is being released on DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats, as well as a two-disc special edition Blu-ray that adds footage from Waters’ reunion with former Pink Floyd bandmates David Gilmour and Nick Mason […]

puppet plays rush's tom sawyer

Puppet plays Rush’s Tom Sawyer

For all you Rush fans out there take a look at this video of a puppet that plays Rush’s Tom Sawyer. Using soup cans for the drums, this puppet shows his mad skills as he goes to town on these label-less soup cans.

barenaked ladies cover phil collins-m1063 WGLM

Barenaked Ladies Cover Phil Collins

The Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies became a great success in the music world when they released their 1998 album Stunt. “One Week” was the first single from that album that gained a high level of exposure and spent one week at the number one spot on the storied Billboard Hot 100. Since then they […]

wheatland music festival 2015

Wheatland Music Festival 2015

Its that time of the year again! The 42nd annual Wheatland Music Festival will be taking place on September 11th – 13th in Remus, MI. Dating back to 1974, The Wheatland Music Festival has brought in both local and world renowned musicians for this three day event. Festival goers take part in dances, workshops, impromptu […]